Cherwell Self-Service Portal Design

For the Modern Age
How We Achieved It

Working with feedback from the oil company, Beyond20 consultants designed a Portal landing page with simple links up front for end users to submit an incident or request. The Portal also included a Service Catalog that could be launched on a new page or through a drop-down catalog. After a four-hour design session, Beyond20 used the company’s style guide and specifications to create a layout, static content, an image carousel, a Service Catalog script and link logic for the Portal. Beyond20 completed the Portal and additional modifications, bringing the company an interface that matched their needs.


IT Process Design

Using ITIL
To Support Growth
How We Achieved It

Using ITSM best practice guidance, Beyond20 engaged with the company to design and document the lifecycle processes for several IT service assets. Beyond20 interviewed IT Executive and Business Leaders to understand their needs, identify the company’s challenges, and gain their support. After identifying critical assets, Beyond20 facilitated workshops with IT Asset Owners and their teams to design and map the lifecycle process of each asset. Keeping to the company’s vision of innovative growth, Beyond20 designed processes that would continue to evolve with the IT Department and the company.


IT Service Catalog

Service Catalogs
For Long Term Goals
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 used a multi-phased approach to create and deliver a finalized Service Catalog and strategic roadmap for use by IT and internal customer groups. Consultants conducted in-person interviews, ticket analysis, and document review and analysis to complement an on-site Service Catalog workshop. Beyond20 developed a draft service catalog through coaching sessions with company stakeholders over several weeks and put together a Strategic Roadmap of short-, medium-, and long-term items for implementation and adoption of the Service Catalog.

Municipality/State Government

Cherwell Admin Training

Learn to Fish
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 provided week-long, on-site, and remote administrator training for their IT administrators who worked with their Cherwell Service Management tool. Beyond20 delivered an Administration Foundation Course for administrators responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the CSM systems. This training complemented the parallel Professional Services to execute the actual implementation of ITIL processes in the agency’s CSM tool.


Cherwell System Administration

Made Painless
The Project

As part of the system administration service package, a dedicated Solutions Consultant redesigned and rebuilt the self-service portal and implemented it in the company’s Cherwell environment. We also conducted a review of their CMDB implementation to identify pain points, compiled recommendations for performance-improving enhancements to the system, and provided a training session on CMDB concepts and utilization. Beyond20 then conducted a two-part training session to critical reporting personnel to demonstrate base capabilities and provide detailed instructions for creating reports from start to finish.

K-12 Education

ITSM Assessment

With Fruitful Outcomes
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 performed a high-level ITSM assessment of requested processes and provided an operational model for long-term implementation and management of these processes in their ITSM solution and in their IT organization. Consultants outlined issues and recommendations for each of the ITIL processes with a priority ranking and recommended resolution timeline. Beyond20 collected data to provide a holistic view into current operations within the school system, along with valuable insight into organizational culture and challenges the organization faced.

Aerospace & Defense

Cherwell Implementation

Through Cherwell
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 gave ID staff a demonstration of how Cherwell could automate certain processes, leading ID to create a prototype that would automate shipping and maintenance of Dismounted Soldier Training System Equipment. Beyond20 helped ID see the real-time status of training system shipments in Cherwell’s CMDB, immediately improving the shipping department’s productivity. Then Beyond20 consultants completed the rest of the system drawing on ID’s feedback. The solution went on to win the award for “Most Innovative Use of Cherwell” at the 2015 Cherwell Global Conference. After automating processes through Cherwell, ID reported more capacity to respond to and win RFPs, more visibility of organizational bottlenecks, and an improved bottom-line performance.

Municipality/State Government

ITSM Strategic Planning

Excited Learning
That's Actually Relevant
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 engaged the city’s IT department in an ITSM Strategic Planning Workshop, including a one-day interactive Polestar® ITSM Simulation and a one-day strategic planning session. This was a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding of IT Service Management best practices throughout the organization. The follow-on strategic planning session then had participants use their new shared knowledge and design short-, medium-, and long-term organizational goals of IT to better support the city.


Cherwell HR Case Management

Use Cherwell
Tame the Wild West
How We Achieved It

Hunter Industries partnered with Beyond20 to help enhance their existing Cherwell Service Management system. By adding HR Case capabilities in the form of new major objects, supporting objects, lookup objects, portal pages, workflows and security, Hunter’s service desk saw immediate results. “Our service desk has minimized SLA breaches and maintained an 80% rate for first-call resolution of incidents and requests,” Monteforte says. “Now, instead of it being like the Wild West, where people are making changes on the fly, there is much more discipline. … Overall, I’d say our approach is 100% better thanks to Beyond20.”

Federal Government

Project Management Office Assessment

Set & Meet Goals
Let's Be Partners
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 conducted a baseline project management assessment for key project team members. The project began with a half-day strategic planning discussion to define requirements and Critical Success Factors for the project. Beyond20 conducted in-person interviews, distributed a capability assessment survey, then provided a full review, discussion, and executive presentation of all findings. Beyond20 provided a Process Maturity Assessment Report to summarize overall findings and measurable results of existing processes, common themes, and process maturity recommendations. A PMO Roadmap was also delivered, which contained near- and long-term recommendations for the project team along with a matrix for tracking of progress against process maturity goals.

Managed Service Provider

Cherwell Implementation

Made Easy
The Project

OneNeck, an Arizona-based Managed Service Provider, sought to consolidate their ITSM platform across numerous locations and determined Cherwell and Beyond20 were the right fit. Beyond20 Consultants designed and implemented an initial solution that included Incident, Change, Problem, and Configuration Management modules. Shortly after, Beyond20 assisted in building a direct tool integration with OneNeck’s largest client. Within two months, OneNeck had migrated 99.9% of its customers to Cherwell.

Federal Government

Service Management Office Design

With Guidance
How We Achieved It

After conducting a full assessment and evaluation of future process improvement activities, Beyond20 identified strengths and best practices to apply toward the development of a Concept of Operations and Roadmap for the future state of this federal agency’s OCIO IT service management. Beyond20 introduced the ESC concept of operations and proposed actionable recommendations to mature the OCIO’s ITSM capabilities. The recommended goals and objectives for ESC assessment activities aligned processes with ITIL best practices. The purpose was to optimize the customer experience, support business outcomes, benchmark services and maximize efficiencies, and continuously improve processes at the agency.

Municipality/State Government

SLA Assessment & Design

Holistic Advice
Specific to You
How We Achieved It

Beyond20’s holistic approach to determining the right SLAs for the municipality began with a Service Catalog Workshop. We worked with stakeholders to review the department’s current service catalog and discuss the ideal structure for SLAs that fit both the department and their clients’ unique business needs. Consultants collected data to construct reports that detailed the desired and recommended service levels, defined SLAs for each Department/Division, and developed an actionable Roadmap to meet agreed SLAs.

Financial Services

Cherwell Asset Management

Financial Power
With a Unified CMDB
How We Achieved It

The bank leveraged the power of Cherwell Asset Management to build a unified, consistent Configuration Management Database. It partnered with Beyond20 to build the necessary integration between CAM and CSM to manage workstations, servers, and network devices. Through focused design sessions, Beyond20 was able to deliver a solution which allows the bank to track and manage their critical IT Assets within the CSM platform without the need to abandon established asset databases throughout the organization.

Food & Beverage

Microsoft Project Server Implementation

Group Work
But Not Like in School
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 worked with the brewing company to implement Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Management solution. Consultants set up Project Sites for the brewery, allowing for greater collaboration between teams and consistent management of data. New resource data and reporting tools allowed teams to see the status of multiple programs at once and plan for future projects accordingly. Beyond20’s PPM solution for the brewery effectively changed the way the company worked. Open communication, a common language, and unprecedented insight into project status allowed a world-class brewing organization to grow in a way that aligned with their culture.


Cherwell Facilities Management

Effortlessly Managed
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 performed design, customization, and training for the company’s new Cherwell Service Management platform. Beyond20 facilitated an interactive Requirements Analysis and Solution Design Workshop to define data capture requirements to support processes for this phase and review out-of-the-box functionality and implementation best practices. Additionally, the workshop helped outline configuration requirements and implementation of HR and Facilities Management modules, which in turn set up the ability to submit tickets and receive status updates through the portal and configuration of the portal for use of the Facilities Work Order merger application.

Information Technology

Scrum Kickstart

Jump In
The Water is Fine
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 provide expert Agile/Scrum instruction and workshop facilitation to demonstrate the utility of the Scrum framework using a fully customizable agenda. The live classroom session was delivered as a private, on-site two-day course with a format tailored to match the specific needs of the employees and common experiences they faced. The exam for the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification ensured students left with an industry-recognized certification of their new skills.


Microsoft Project Server Implementation

Potent Solutions
For Dynamic Companies
The Project

We worked with the world’s largest hotel chain to design a custom Microsoft PPM implementation that would not only update their existing software but also deliver a dynamic solution tailored to address their specific needs. Automated, custom analytics meant there was no longer a need for manual reporting. Manually managed projects could now be processed through a central point, ensuring uniformity and transparency and allowing for greater collaboration. We also leveraged PPM’s depth of analysis to help the hotel chain track and report labor costs. The new system made it easier for team members to do everything from submitting a timesheet to collaborating on projects through unique team sites.

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