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Aerospace & Defense

Cherwell Implementation

Through Cherwell
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 gave ID staff a demonstration of how Cherwell could automate certain processes, leading ID to create a prototype that would automate shipping and maintenance of Dismounted Soldier Training System Equipment. Beyond20 helped ID see the real-time status of training system shipments in Cherwell’s CMDB, immediately improving the shipping department’s productivity. Then Beyond20 consultants completed the rest of the system drawing on ID’s feedback. The solution went on to win the award for “Most Innovative Use of Cherwell” at the 2015 Cherwell Global Conference. After automating processes through Cherwell, ID reported more capacity to respond to and win RFPs, more visibility of organizational bottlenecks, and an improved bottom-line performance.

Higher Education

IT Service Catalog

Guided Input

Beyond20 consultants took a phased approach to creating and delivering a Unified Service Catalog, focusing on gathering data, collecting feedback, and providing final recommendations. First, our consultants reviewed the scope and functionality of the existing IT service catalog. After conducting coaching, interviews, and workshops with university stakeholders, Beyond20 consultants gave recommendations on the challenges they faced and proposed solutions based on ITSM best practices. We then drafted a service catalog based on the data collected and updated the draft based on stakeholder feedback. The final version of the service catalog included a roadmap of goals, guiding the university through achieving its IT Master Plan.

Municipality/State Government

ITSM Assessment

ITIL Standards
Specific For You
How We Achieved It

Beyond20’s ITIL Assessment consisted of role- and process-based surveys that would enable the state agency to assess and measure their IT processes against the ITIL framework. Based on these surveys, Beyond20 produced data-driven recommendations and compiled the results to produce a comprehensive management report, which identified strengths and weaknesses as compared to ITIL standards. The roadmap contained short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations, and a matrix for tracking progress against process maturity goals.

Food & Beverage

Microsoft Project Server Implementation

Group Work
But Not Like in School
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 worked with the brewing company to implement Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Management solution. Consultants set up Project Sites for the brewery, allowing for greater collaboration between teams and consistent management of data. New resource data and reporting tools allowed teams to see the status of multiple programs at once and plan for future projects accordingly. Beyond20’s PPM solution for the brewery effectively changed the way the company worked. Open communication, a common language, and unprecedented insight into project status allowed a world-class brewing organization to grow in a way that aligned with their culture.


Improve Service Delivery

Manage business risk and service disruption or failure.

Build Processes that Scale

Create lightweight processes and eliminate waste to accelerate how teams work.

Increase Visibility

Get a clearer, more transparent view of IT costs and assets.

Reduce Costs

Find efficiencies and improve how work flows to cut down on costs.

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