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A major city in the Pacific Northwest endeavored to implement IT Service Management improvements across their entire IT department. Through efforts to improve organizational communication and better manage IT services to align with business goals, the city realized an opportunity to review their ITSM Strategic plan and develop an organizational roadmap.


Beyond20’s ITSM Advisors helped lead the city’s digital transformation efforts through several engagements. We started with a strategic planning workshop with IT leadership to set the tone for the transformation, gain buy-in from the top, and prioritize initiatives. This included an immersive ITSM simulation event aimed at demonstrating the value of ITSM best practice in real time, and the creation of a practical roadmap complete with short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations.

Part of the strategic plan and roadmap developed by our ITSM Advisors included a service catalog overhaul for the city. To achieve this and ensure the new catalog was aligned with the city’s larger business needs, we facilitated a 2-day service catalog workshop where lines of service were defined and organized to be user-friendly for both IT staff and users across the city’s staff. When the structure of the new service catalog was settled, a Beyond20 Solutions Consultant was brought aboard to build it out in the city’s existing Cherwell system so it would be accessible to staff.

Last but not least, Beyond20’s ITIL instructors were brought in to certify IT staff in ITIL Foundation with the goal of gaining larger buy-in from IT staff of all levels, and to ensure all would be speaking the same technical language as the city continued to pursue it’s digital transformation goals and work through the roadmap.


The pharmaceutical company and its partner organizations were looking to conduct an assessment of existing ITIL processes to better understand organizational gaps, redundancies, and flow.  They were also looking for training on ITIL concepts along with hands-on, facilitated strategic planning workshops to address identified challenges, achieve a higher level of performance and agility, and improve the overall customer experience.


Beyond20 provided a maturity assessment, along with ITIL training and strategic planning workshops across multiple teams and partners. Beyond20 also worked with the organization to create a Continual Improvement Roadmap, based on assessment findings and team discussions, to manage team progress and achievements against organizational transformation goals.


The Fortune 500 hospital management company sought to overhaul its IT Service Management approach in order to better serve its customers in IT and beyond. Their holistic approach focused on enabling staff through training while bringing leadership aboard with strategic planning complete with a roadmap for service delivery improvement.


Beyond20 met with leadership at the company to determine a strategy for implementing this transformation. The engagement consisted of an ITSM Assessment to help stakeholders get a baseline of current state – this would serve as the foundation upon which the follow-on strategic planning and road-mapping would be built. Our ITSM Advisors led leadership in this two-day strategic planning workshop, which culminated in a tailored, actionable plan for achieving their transformation goals – complete with short-, medium-, and long-term initiatives. Following the strategic planning and assessment, our project management and ITIL trainers led teams in PMP and ITIL training to ensure staff would understand the underlying principles of the transformation and speak the same language as they began chipping away at the roadmap. Soon, IT teams will undergo customer service training with Beyond20 ITSM trainers to further the organization’s goals of delivering services with excellence.

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