Radar Report for ITIL Trainers, Autumn 2019

Written by Lindsey Semon

The Autumn 2019 Trusted Training Radar Report for ITIL is here and we’re thrilled to announce Beyond20 was named a Leader.

Course Conductor runs training providers through a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation process designed with the sole purpose of arming those seeking ITIL training with the information necessary to ensure they’re choosing the right training provider. Their unique algorithm applies 143 calculations across data gathered from organizations, training vendors, students, and online platforms. For each vendor, scores are produced to reflect “Confidence to Deliver Training Outcomes,” and “Learner Satisfaction”. Scores are used to position training vendors on Course Conductor’s Trusted Training Radar visualization as a Leader, High Performer, or Contender.

Did we mention Beyond20 was named a Leader? (Beyond20 was named a Leader.)

Here’s a preview of the Radar Report:

Trusted Training Radar Report for ITIL - Autumn 2019


In addition to the Radar Report, Course Conductor breaks down the rationale behind the scores of each training organization, including quantitative scoring in areas such as quality of course materials and quality of learning environment. Download the full report to have a look at the nitty gritty.


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Originally published October 10 2019, updated January 01 2020