KCS® v6 Practices Training Course

Class available live online

The KCS® v6 Practices Workshop provides an overview of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) as well as a deep dive into KCS principles, core concepts, double loop and solve processes, and supporting practices. With our next-gen virtual training, elite subject matter expertise, and white glove service, you’ll become KCS-certified no time.

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3 Day Course
Exam Voucher Included
Practice Exam Questions
24 PDUs
Award-Winning Instructors
Industry-Leading Courseware

Knowledge-Centered Services

This KCS workshop will include lots of interactive activities, exercises, and discussions throughout to ensure you gain a solid understanding of the practical aspects of Knowledge-Centered Service. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Key Features of KCS Training Next-Gen Class

Next-Gen Class

3 Days of Virtual Training
Exam Voucher Included
Award-Winning Instructors
Accredited Training Organization


Early Registration: 9+ Weeks Prior to Start Date
General Registration: 2 - 9 Weeks Prior to Start Date
Late Registration: Fewer than 2 Weeks Prior to Start Date

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Our KCS Instructors

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The KCS v6 Practices training course is designed for individuals who are looking for a thorough understanding of both the Knowledge-Centered Service methodology and its adoption. This includes people who manage or advise on the adoption and Continual Improvement of the KCS practices (Knowledge Managers, Contact Center, Service Desk Managers, Adoption Managers, etc.). This course and certification is also appropriate for Product Managers whose products align with or enable the KCS practices.

Yes. This class includes a voucher for an online proctored exam.

The KCS v6 Practices course is 3 days long.

A few days before class, you will receive an email with details on how to access our virtual training room, and details on accessing courseware.

Our virtual classes are instructed in a way that mirrors the experience you would get from an in-person course. That way, students remain fully engaged and the information sticks! Our virtual training courses are packed with interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, virtual sticky note walls, and more to help ensure your success on the exam.

This course offers 24 PDUs for those that hold their PMP credential.

A comprehensive KCS workbook, hands-on exercises, a glossary of KCS terms, list of acronyms, and quick reference guide are provided as part of class.


  • Technique 1.1: Capture Knowledge in the Moment
  • Technique 1.2: Capture the Requestor’s Context
  • Technique 1.3: Searching is Creating
  • Technique 2.1: Use a Simple Template
  • Technique 2.2: Complete Thoughts, Not Complete Sentences
  • Technique 3.1: Search Early, Search Often
  • Technique 3.2: Seek to Understand What We Collectively Know
  • Technique 3.3: Linking
  • Technique 4.1: Reuse is Review
  • Technique 4.2: Flag It or Fix It
  • Technique 4.3: License to Modify
  • Technique 5.1:KCS Article Structure
  • Technique 5.2: KCS Article State
  • Technique 5.3: Developing a Content Standard
  • Technique 5.4: Creating Evolve Loop Articles
  • Technique 5.5: Archiving Old Articles
  • Technique 5.6: Dealing With Legacy Data
  • Technique 5.7: Priming the Knowledge Base With New Information
  • Technique 5.8: Global Support Considerations
  • Technique 5.9: Knowledge Domain Analysis
  • Technique 5.10: Content Health Indicators
  • Technique 5.11: Self-Service Success
  • Technique 5.12: Self-Service Measures
  • Technique 6.1: Structured Problem Solving
  • Technique 6.2: Seamless Technology Integration
  • Technique 6.3: Search Technology for KCS
  • Technique 6.4: Closed Loop Feedback for the Whole System
  • Technique 6.5: KCS Process Adherence Review
  • Technique 7.1: KCS Roles and the Licensing Model
  • Technique 7.2: Coaching for Success
  • Technique 7.3: Assessing the Creation of Value
  • Technique 8.1: Develop and Communicate a Vision
  • Technique 8.2: Create a Strategic Framework
  • Technique 8.3: KCS Benefits and ROI
  • Technique 8.4: Promote Teamwork
  • Technique 8.5: Tap into Internal Motivators
  • Technique 8.6: Recognition Programs
  • Technique 8.7: Communication is the Key
  • Technique 8.8: Leadership Accountability to the Knowledge Worker
  • Technique 8.9: Leadership and Communication Indicators

Why Beyond20

Subject Matter Expertise

We understand that your goal is to learn effectively and get certified in one shot. After all, certification training can be a substantial investment. As such, it’s critical to us that you learn from someone who will help you retain key concepts and get you across the finish line efficiently.

But at the same time, who wants to take a boring class? If we’re going to spend a lot of time looking at screens, the material should at least be engaging. That’s why we’re hyper-focused on bringing variety to your virtual training experience. People learn differently, so we use several methods to teach concepts throughout the day.

White Glove Service

We all know that bad customer service is one of the most frustrating things there is. That’s why we’ve endeavored to create the kind of training experience that we would want for ourselves.

We're a US-based organization with offices in DC, Phoenix, and San Diego. Come through! Otherwise, we'll be happy to meet you virtually.

Rest assured: At Beyond20, our instructors are some of the world’s best. Not only do our full-time, in-house training staff have decades of experience in the field, but in many cases, we are the official authors of authoritative publications (e.g., ITIL). Working with Beyond20 means learning from the top subject matter experts out there. It means training and taking your exams with confidence.

Next-Gen Virtual Training

Depending on the course, this can include interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, virtual sticky note walls, and more. We take this approach not only because it's more fun than simply memorizing terms, but because it works.

From the instant that you first reach out to us with a quick question, to that glorious moment when you learn you’ve earned the certification, our job is to make sure that every interaction you have with us is a positive one. If you look at our hundreds of Google-verified reviews, you’ll see that we take it seriously! Beyond20 is not a risky choice.

If you're PMP-certified, our courses will earn you PDUs!

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