KCS® v6 Practices Workshop and Certification

A Deep Dive into the KCS Methodology

Course Overview

The KCS® v6 Practices Workshop provides an overview of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) as well as a deep dive into KCS principles, core concepts, double loop and solve processes, and supporting practices. This course will include lots of interactive activities, exercises, and discussions throughout to ensure you gain a solid understanding of the practical aspects of Knowledge-Centered Service. Studies have found that this brain-based learning format significantly helps students retain KCS concepts over the long-term. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!


Live Instructor


Our most interactive learning mode provides maximum face-to-face interaction.

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Live Online


Course delivered by a live instructor - you attend from your home or office.

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Group Training


Get your whole team KCS certified. Our world-class instructors can deliver interactive group training on-site or virtually.



Early Registration: 9+ Weeks Prior to Start Date
General Registration: 2 - 9 Weeks Prior to Start Date
Late Registration: Fewer than 2 Weeks Prior to Start Date

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KCS® v6 Practices Workshop and Certification
Live Virtual Class
August 24 - August 26, 2020 . 3 days
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Late Registration

KCS® v6 Practices Workshop and Certification
Live Virtual Class
October 5 - October 7, 2020 . 3 days
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Regular Registration

KCS® v6 Practices Workshop and Certification
Live Virtual Class
November 18 - November 20, 2020 . 3 days
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Early Registration

Looking to train your whole team?


The KCS v6 Practices training course is designed for individuals who are looking for a thorough understanding of both the Knowledge-Centered Service methodology and its adoption. This includes people who manage or advise on the adoption and Continual Improvement of the KCS practices (Knowledge Managers, Contact Center, Service Desk Managers, Adoption Managers, etc.). This course and certification is also appropriate for Product Managers whose products align with or enable the KCS practices.

Yes. This class includes a voucher for an online proctored exam.

The KCS v6 Practices course is 3 days long.

A few days before class, you will receive an email with details on how to access our virtual training room, and details on accessing courseware.

Our virtual classes are instructed in a way that mirrors the experience you would get from an in-person course. As such, we believe in and use lots of interactive learning techniques with no more than 20 minutes of lecture at a time. That way, students remain fully engaged and the information sticks! Our virtual training courses are packed with interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, virtual sticky note walls, and more to help ensure your success on the exam.

This course offers 24 PDUs for those that hold their PMP credential.

A comprehensive KCS workbook, hands-on exercises, a glossary of KCS terms, list of acronyms, and quick reference guide are provided as part of class.


  • Technique 1.1: Capture Knowledge in the Moment
  • Technique 1.2: Capture the Requestor’s Context
  • Technique 1.3: Searching is Creating
  • Technique 2.1: Use a Simple Template
  • Technique 2.2: Complete Thoughts, Not Complete Sentences
  • Technique 3.1: Search Early, Search Often
  • Technique 3.2: Seek to Understand What We Collectively Know
  • Technique 3.3: Linking
  • Technique 4.1: Reuse is Review
  • Technique 4.2: Flag It or Fix It
  • Technique 4.3: License to Modify
  • Technique 5.1:KCS Article Structure
  • Technique 5.2: KCS Article State
  • Technique 5.3: Developing a Content Standard
  • Technique 5.4: Creating Evolve Loop Articles
  • Technique 5.5: Archiving Old Articles
  • Technique 5.6: Dealing With Legacy Data
  • Technique 5.7: Priming the Knowledge Base With New Information
  • Technique 5.8: Global Support Considerations
  • Technique 5.9: Knowledge Domain Analysis
  • Technique 5.10: Content Health Indicators
  • Technique 5.11: Self-Service Success
  • Technique 5.12: Self-Service Measures
  • Technique 6.1: Structured Problem Solving
  • Technique 6.2: Seamless Technology Integration
  • Technique 6.3: Search Technology for KCS
  • Technique 6.4: Closed Loop Feedback for the Whole System
  • Technique 6.5: KCS Process Adherence Review
  • Technique 7.1: KCS Roles and the Licensing Model
  • Technique 7.2: Coaching for Success
  • Technique 7.3: Assessing the Creation of Value
  • Technique 8.1: Develop and Communicate a Vision
  • Technique 8.2: Create a Strategic Framework
  • Technique 8.3: KCS Benefits and ROI
  • Technique 8.4: Promote Teamwork
  • Technique 8.5: Tap into Internal Motivators
  • Technique 8.6: Recognition Programs
  • Technique 8.7: Communication is the Key
  • Technique 8.8: Leadership Accountability to the Knowledge Worker
  • Technique 8.9: Leadership and Communication Indicators

Why Beyond20

How We Teach

People learn differently, so we use a variety of methods to teach concepts throughout the course. In addition to exam preparation and practice quizzes, you'll engage in round-table discussions, group exercises, and games designed to give practical context to the concepts. We take this approach not only because it's more interesting and fun than simply memorizing vocabulary, but because it works.

All of our trainers are full-time Beyond20 staff

No temporary workers or subcontractors here. Our trainers are working consultants who implement best practice processes and tools when they're not in the classroom. You might say we practice what we preach. It's a great system, when you think about it - we're better consultants because we know these concepts inside and out, and we're better trainers because we get to put the theory into practice in the real world.

We don't just teach to the exam (though we certainly do that), we also give you practical and personalized tools you can take back to work.

We're a Registered Education Provider with PMI, so if you're PMP Certified, the course will earn you PDUs!

Industry-Leading Course Materials

All of our courseware is reviewed multiple times a year to ensure it's up to date, in line with best practice standards, and effective! We incorporate feedback from students to constantly improve our course books, in-class activities, and (sorry) homework. The goal is to provide you with the tools to not only get you through class and pass the exam, but also to have a reliable reference when you get back to the office.

All of our instructors are experienced practitioners with real world ITIL implementation expertise. (Real experience, too. Like, former-CIO-level experience.)

We're a US-based organization with offices in DC, Phoenix, and San Diego.

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