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Nonprofits are asked to do more with less. On top of that, nonprofits are accountable to a wide array of stakeholders, including the board, staff, the government, and the community.

Beyond20’s consulting services can help you elicit pain points, broker conflicting stakeholder demands, and prioritize IT needs through focused discovery.

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The non-profit healthcare organization was looking to provide tailored Agile training and coaching for staff, many of which were non-software teams, to improve how projects were run and how products and services were being delivered to customers.  This project was initiated to support the organization’s high-level transformation goals to enhance the customer journey and experience, enable the workforce with new skills, and increase operational agility.


Beyond20 worked with leadership to create a tailored Agile training program across the organization.  Beyond20 also provided coaching to help teams organize and prioritize work, create Product Backlogs, and implement Agile tools and techniques to make work visible and drive organizational agility.


One of the largest public library systems in the United States sought to improve their ITSM capabilities by introducing a custom self-service portal to their Cherwell system. The library system required the portal be developed in accordance with ITSM best practices to ensure optimal functionality, supportability, and ability to maximize value to its customers.


Beyond20 held a series of workshops and focus groups with stakeholders to determine the portal’s design and ensure it would meet the unique needs of the organization while staying aligned with IT best practice. After the design was settled, Beyond20 Solutions Consultants built and implemented the portal in the library system’s Cherwell environment. We also conducted training for technicians to ensure they could successfully maintain the portal and delivered a series of custom video tutorial resources to be used as reference following the formal training sessions.


This university-based health care system underwent a series of engagements to improve their Cherwell self-service portal. Administrators wanted to redesign their portal to ensure it was built according to best practices, which required a level of expertise from an outside partner. Specifically, they hoped to better utilize their Change Management Database and Report Writer functionality in Cherwell to access additional data, including Service Level Agreements and other metrics.


As part of a system administration service package, a dedicated Beyond20 Solutions Consultant successfully redesigned and rebuilt the self-service portal and implemented it in their Cherwell environment. We also conducted a review of their CMDB implementation to identify pain points, compiled recommendations for performance-improving enhancements to the system, and provided a training session on CMDB concepts and utilization. Beyond20 then conducted a two-part training session to critical reporting personnel to demonstrate base capabilities and provide detailed instructions for creating reports from start to finish.

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