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So you’re a managed service provider (MSP) – the outsourced IT shop for other companies. Are your customer satisfaction scores as high as you would like them to be? Are you confident that your service offerings can compete with emerging technologies and new ways of working? Beyond20 has extensive experience working with tech firms and MSPs. We’ve trained hundreds of IT workers in ITIL and project management. We assess technology companies’ product and services catalogues and help them to improve their processes and development models. Let’s get to work.

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OneNeck is an expert provider of hybrid IT solutions tailored for mid-market and enterprise companies. Through a single point of accountability, OneNeck offers end-to-end, enterprise-class IT solutions, including cloud and hosting solutions, managed services, enterprise application management, professional services, IT hardware and top tier data centers. The firm sought to consolidate their ITSM platform across numerous locations and determined Cherwell and Beyond20 were the right fit.


Beyond20 Consultants designed and implemented an initial solution that included Incident Management and quickly added the Change, Problem, and Configuration Management modules. Within two months, OneNeck had migrated 99.9% of its customers to Cherwell.


A cloud computing business specializing in managing complex enterprise applications sought a partner for conducting a process and organizational assessment. Primarily, the computing company wanted an assessment focused on on-boarding, delivery, service desk processes, and organizational structure evaluation. The assessment was intended to provide an overall understanding of current state of organizational processes and provide benchmarking data against similar cloud-based companies, define current and future organizational roles, and scope improvement foci and efforts to increase productivity. Additionally, the company wanted a roadmap that would outline company growth over several years and help maintain an increased focus on customer experience and service delivery.


Beyond20 produced an actionable ITSM roadmap for continual service improvement and organizational process improvement. This plan provided the company a baseline measurement for future improvements, outlined a comprehensive strategy tailored to specific process improvements needed, and identified critical business process disconnects that needed to be optimized. Coupled with assessment surveys and ticket analyses, we evaluated trends and potential areas for improvement, which were outlined in a Final Recommendations and Assessment Report. This roadmap contained short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations along with a matrix that allowed the computing company to track their progress against organizational process maturity goals.


The leading provider of big data analytics, cybersecurity, and identity intelligence was looking to transform how the organization delivered software to government and defense customers and reached out to Beyond20 to design a custom training and coaching program for several Scrum teams working with a variety of customers.  Further, the organization was looking to find ways to increase operational agility and elevate the customer experience.


Beyond20 worked with leadership to design hands-on, custom Scrum Master and Product Owner training workshops to help teams assess and tackle existing challenges.  Beyond20’s Scrum coaches then worked across several scrum teams to implement Agile methods and improve overall organizational agility on how software was developed, delivered, and integrated.

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