Cherwell Facilities Management
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Cherwell Facilities Management
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Hunter Industries knew efficiency and visibility was essential when it comes to delivering irrigation, architectural and landscape lighting, and custom manufacturing solutions to their customers. “We also wanted a system in place to gain visibility into what was happening within IT.” Without a robust Facilities Management plan and process in place, the San Marcos-based company was experiencing challenges in maintaining the level of excellence their customers had come to expect.


Hunter Industries understood that their path to success was through leveraging their existing ITSM solution to support managing their facilities. Hunter Industries partnered with Beyond20 to provide configuration of their existing Cherwell Service Management solution. Beyond20 facilitated small focus groups within Hunter Industries’ IT department to capture and document critical components they needed to effectively manage their assets and facilities. After analyzing results and feedback, Beyond20 delivered a variety of portal dashboards that fit Hunter Industries’ IT business needs. Further, as part of a larger IT engagement, Beyond20 configured several supporting processes to fit Hunter Industries reporting requirements.


A global leader in vehicle fleet management sought out Professional Services support to configure a new Cherwell Service Management system, hosted by Cherwell. The company looked to configure the following features and system functionality: HR Case Management, HR Employee Administration, Facilities Management, Supplier Management, and Active Directory and SAML. The company also required the ability to create tickets from an Email Listener, customize Dashboards and Reporting, and provide a unified Self-Service Portal. These improvements would support the business outcome of allowing their customers to easily submit and track HR and Facilities requests.


Beyond20 performed design, customization, and training for the company’s new Cherwell Service Management platform. Beyond20 facilitated an interactive Requirements Analysis and Solution Design Workshop to define data capture requirements to support processes for this phase and review out-of-the-box functionality and implementation best practices. Additionally, the workshop helped outline configuration requirements and implementation of HR and Facilities Management modules, which in turn set up the ability to submit tickets and receive status updates through the portal and configuration of the portal for use of the Facilities Work Order merger application.


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