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About BEYOND20

Our Story

Beyond20 launched in Arizona in 2006. From there, we expanded to San Diego and DC.  Our Phoenix and San Diego locations have served a number of large customers in the Southwest, including Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthcare, Government, and Education sectors. Our east coast customers include a number of Federal agencies, as well as private contractors. 

We've worked with over 25% of Fortune 500 companies and 13 of the 15 Cabinet Level federal agencies to support their ITIL and ITSM initiatives. Though we're a US-based small business, our customer engagements span 28 countries on five continents.

Our Name

We're often asked where the name Beyond20 originated. Here's the story:

The name BEYOND20 came from a Gartner research study that looked at root cause when mission critical IT systems failed. What they found was that 20% of the time, it was due to failures in hardware, software, and natural disasters. A surprising 80% of the time, it was due to failures in people and process (someone made a change and didn’t realize the impact, etc.).

What gets us out of bed in the morning is fixing the people and the process issues. Essentially, going beyond the twenty percent. We do it through training, consulting, assessments, and process automation - through looking at your organization holistically to help you work smarter.

Our People

We do work we love, for people we love, with people we love. We seek to get the right people on the bus and think we've done a pretty solid job of it so far. Here's a smattering of our team: 

Leadership Team

Beyond20 Leadership Team

Professional Services Team

Beyond20 Professional Services Team

Consulting & Training Team

ITSM Consultants and Trainers