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Cherwell Admin Training

Effective Admin
Invest in Talent
How We Achieved It

The health product retailer partnered with Beyond20 to provide on-site and remote administrator training for key IT administrators who would be responsible for the configuration and maintenance of Cherwell Service Management tool. Beyond20 further offered the course to be taken virtually or as a self-paced training, allowing assets to be flexible with their training and work responsibilities. The training its IT administrators received enabled them to effectively maintain Cherwell Service Management and to utilize the tool to help IT achieve its business outcomes.


Cherwell System Administration

Custom Training
For Cherwell
How We Achieved It

Using remote administration design capabilities, Beyond20 executed the design, customization and training for a new Cherwell Service Management Platform. The process entailed installation and configuration of core components and a Requirements Analysis and Solution Design workshop to define the CSM configuration. Final configuration of processes in the CSM exceeded the cooperative’s base requirements to also include a new service catalog and self-service capability in their portal. The cooperative also received training for their technicians and delivered recorded online video tutorials so that they would possess in-house capabilities to manage the portal.

Municipality/State Government

Cherwell Self-Service Portal Design

Public Service
Through Maximizing Value
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 tackled the design, customization, and training needs to provide the library system with the tools needed for the self-service portal in the Cherwell Service Management system through a series of workshops and customer focus groups. In addition to the portal design and configuration, Beyond20 conducted training for technicians and delivered online video tutorials so the system would have in-house capabilities to manage the portal.


Cherwell Facilities Management

Effortlessly Managed
How We Achieved It

Beyond20 performed design, customization, and training for the company’s new Cherwell Service Management platform. Beyond20 facilitated an interactive Requirements Analysis and Solution Design Workshop to define data capture requirements to support processes for this phase and review out-of-the-box functionality and implementation best practices. Additionally, the workshop helped outline configuration requirements and implementation of HR and Facilities Management modules, which in turn set up the ability to submit tickets and receive status updates through the portal and configuration of the portal for use of the Facilities Work Order merger application.

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