ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve (DPI)

Written by Jade Kendrick

Have you already eaten all of your quarantine snacks? Are you looking to take advantage of this downtime to gain a new ITIL® 4 certification? Not sure if you want to pursue Strategic Leader or Managing Professional (or perhaps both)? If this sounds like you, then you would benefit from a breakdown of the ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve (DPI) course! Read on to find out how this module is a must-have (literally) for anyone working toward becoming an ITIL 4 Managing Professional and/or Strategic Leader!

ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve is a Universal Module

What does this mean and why does it matter?

There are two tracks in the new ITIL 4 certification scheme: ITIL Managing Professional (MP) and ITIL Strategic Leader (SL). DPI is required to complete BOTH tracks. When you become DPI certified, you are already halfway to Strategic Leader and one quarter of the way to Managing Professional. The diagram below breaks down the certifications necessary to complete each track.

itil 4 certification schema

What is Direct, Plan, and Improve about?

DPI has a lot of overlap with ITIL v3 Service Strategy and Continual Service Improvement (CSI), as it covers organizational change management, governance, risk, and compliance, reporting, controls, and of course, continual improvement.

DPI goes into great detail around how to introduce and communicate organizational change, identify and manage resistance, and implement and sustain the change. Agility plays a huge role in direction, planning, and improving, so you can also anticipate discussion around the benefits of Agile and Lean ways of working. Some other key outcomes in DPI are:

  • Continual improvement
  • Developing a service value system
  • Strategy management
  • Basics of assessment and planning
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio management

AXELOS also has this video on the course.

Who should take ITIL 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve?

We really meant it when we said “universal module.” Any role will benefit greatly from the Direct, Plan, and Improve course. If you want to learn what good leadership looks like, understand the many ways Lean and Agile practices aid in cooperation and collaboration, or create a culture of continual improvement, then look no further than DPI!

Managers can expect to gain the most. Accountability and servant leadership are two primary themes of the course. Here are some other example job roles that will find DPI interesting:

  • CIOs, directors of IT, and other leadership
  • Service architects
  • Service/product owners
  • Project managers
  • SMO staff
  • Process/practice owners
  • Improvement managers
  • Change agents

What about the exam?

The DPI exam is 90 minutes long with a total of 40 multiple choice questions. In order to take the exam, you will need to have taken and passed ITIL 4 Foundation. To pass the exam, you need to score a 78% (which amounts to getting 28 questions right). That’s it! These questions have one correct answer, with each right answer earning you 1 point. And with our exam pass guarantee, you can take the exam a second time in the unlikely event you fail!

ITIL 4 has already proven it’s a must-have for IT service management professionals. If you are ITIL v3 certified, this would be a great time to refresh your memory as well as get up to speed with the latest practices and processes. Happy learning!

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Originally published April 04 2020, updated April 04 2020