5 Reasons It's Worth Making Time for On-Site Training

Erika Flora
Written by Erika Flora

Training. When it’s done well, it brings tremendous value to an organization. Not only does it provide new skills that make teams better at their jobs, it improves morale, fosters collaboration, and breathes new life into a workplace.

Yet somehow we can’t ever seem to find time to get away from the daily fire fighting to send people to training. Just like anything else that is highly important but not urgent, we have to MAKE time for it.

One way to address this challenge is to consider an on-site course. Sure, you could send individual team members to public classes as their work slows down enough for them to get away, but we have seen tremendous success in organizations that have scheduled on-site training with their teams. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It’s tailored to your organization’s needs.

One of the things you gain with an on-site course done right is messaging tailored to your specific environment – the challenges you’re facing, the goals your’e trying to achieve, etc. All of our instructors, when they aren’t in the classroom, work as consultants and advisors with customers in a variety of industries (redesigning processes, performing assessments, and creating strategic roadmaps with actionable goals). Thus, we can turn an otherwise generic training course into hands-on learning with interactive discussions and activities designed to give your teams practical tools to immediately begin using when they return to work. After all, if your people are going to give up precious time to be out of the office, you want that time to be used effectively and you want what they’re learning to be relevant. Imagine if they came back to work not only excited and refreshed, but with ideas on how to solve some of your most nagging problems.

2. It allows opportunity for real-time collaboration on real projects.

On-site training with one or many teams is a great way to get everyone talking and working collaboratively. It is amazing the breakthrough discoveries  teams make when learning and working through problems together. We have had many organizations stumble into on-site training as a great team building exercise (WAY better and less dangerous than trust falls).

Another advantage of an on-site course is that everyone gets the same message at the same time and can start discussing and using the information together. What our customers find is that, following an on-site course, their teams begin having deeper, more meaningful discussions and are able to take action on what they’ve learned because they are all speaking the same language and thus moving in the same direction. Sending a few people to a public training course will never give you the same results.

3. It unleashes the secret weapon that is intra-office networking.

This one is often overlooked, but it’s incredibly important. Whether your organization is small or large, it will benefit tremendously if staff across departments interact face-to-face. We often see amazing “Aha!” moments in our on-site classes when individuals from different teams work together for sometimes the first time. Communication isn’t always as free-flowing between departments as we’d like, so it can be incredibly enlightening for students who don’t work together daily or share the same expertise to spend some time side by side in the classroom. It builds relationships, broadens communication channels, and provides a more thorough look at what others are experiencing in their day-to-day jobs. Putting names to faces, finding common ground, and working hard together can turn the morale and efficiency of an organization around.

4. It’s easier on you and your students.

A schedule can be a dangerous thing to mess with. On-site training minimizes this as much as possible. Eliminating the stress of a new commute and new environment can go a long way toward helping students relax and open their minds to new information.

Beyond that, our on-site classes are tailored to your organization’s schedule. We can break any course into half-day sessions, so you can send half of the team to class in the morning each day and the other in the afternoon. This way, no one is out of the office the entire day, and work does not come to a screeching halt. We also offer weekend classes for teams that can’t be out of the office during the workweek. It’s truly up to each organization – a luxury that simply isn’t possible with a public class.

5. It’s cheaper than individual training.

If everything you’ve read above is a ‘nice to have’ but it really comes down to budget, on-site training is still likely your best bet. As a rule of thumb, pricing comes out just about even when you reach 5-6 students. Any ore than that and you’ll be spending more by sending them individually to public classes. So, if anything I’ve said previously spoke to you and you’ve got a group you’d like to get trained up (and have a lot of fun while they’re at it), it makes sense to have us come to you.

Originally published September 09 2015, updated December 12 2019