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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PMP Certification

Q: Can we bring this course onsite for our company?

A: Yes. Our expert trainers can bring customized onsite PMP Course to your location. Additionally, Onsite training offers the opportunity to experience our interactive Project Management Simulation event!

Q: When can I schedule the PMP Exam?

A: Once PMI approves your application, you have a calendar year to take the PMP exam. You can schedule it at any time, but we advise you to take the exam within two weeks of completing our PMP Exam Prep course.

Q: Where can I take the PMP Exam?

A: You can take the PMP Exam at any approved testing center. PMI will provide you with a list of testing centers near you once your application is approved. Nearly every city has multiple testing centers, so you'll be able to find a PMI approved testing center near you.

Q: How long is the PMP Exam?

A: The PMP Exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions. You will have four hours to complete the exam.

Q: Are all of the PMP Exam Questions scored?

A: No, only 175 of the 200 questions actually count toward your score. The other 25 are "pretest" questions that are being evaluated for potential inclusion on future PMP exams. As a PMP Certification candidate you will not know which are the "real" questions and which are the "pretest" questions, so it is important to take all questions seriously!

Q: How long does it take to receive my PMP Exam results?

A: The exam is computer based, so you will receive your results immediately.

Q: What is required to complete the PMP Application?

A: The PMP Application requires you to document the following elements:

  • Experience: 5 years / 7500 hours of Project Management experience, or 3 years / 4500 hours of Project Management experience + a Bachelor's Degree
  • Education: 35 documented contact hours of Project Management Education. As a PMI Global Registered Education Provider (REP), our PMP Exam Prep Course is preapproved to fulfill this requirement.

Q: Does the course fee include the PMP Exam?

A: No. The fees for the PMP Exam must be paid directly to PMI as part of the PMP application process.

Q: Do I have to join PMI in order to take the exam?

A: No, but we highly recommend it. The cost of the PMI membership, plus the member rate on the exam is slightly less than the cost of not joining and paying the non member rate. Besides, PMI provides a number of career benefits to Project Mangers, including easy PDU's toward recertification.

Q: How do I apply to take the PMP Exam?

A: You can apply online at www.pmi.org. Once you start your application, you can save it online for 60 days before submitting, so you don't have to do it all in one sitting.

Q: How long does the PMP application take to complete?

A: It varies. PMI says the application should take about 8 hours. We can help you through every step of the process, and our application templates will make it easy to document your hours of experience.

Q: Once I earn my PMP Certification, how do I maintain it?

A: PMI Requires that you earn at least 60 "Professional Development Units", or PDUs, every 3 years. There are a variety of ways to earn PDUs, including attendance at PMI Chapter Meetings, other Project Management Training, or training in related areas. Our ITIL Foundations course, for example, provides 24 PDUs to those who are PMP Certified. Our students also have access to free pdus every month via our webinars and our free PDU breakfast meetings.