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Training Passports

Our Training Passport is designed to help you and your team leverage volume discounts across a variety of our courses and services (think fancy Costco). Whichever passport you choose - be it for yourself or your whole team - the passport will save you about 40% versus paying for each course individually. It works like this:

Each Training Passport is worth a certain number of points, each of which is roughly equivalent to a training day (so usually one point will provide one training day per student). For example, an ITIL® Foundations course is 3 days in length, thus a single student can attend ITIL Foundations by redeeming 3 points from your Passport. With an organizational Passport, 10 students could attend the same course by redeeming 30 points. Passport points expire two years after purchase date, so keep that in mind as you choose which Passport is right for you and your team.

Here are the Passport packages for individuals and teams:

Individual ITIL Expert Passport $8,000
24 Point Passport $9,000
48 Point Passport $16,800
84 Point Passport $27,300
120 Point Passport $36,000
240 Point Passport $60,000

The Individual ITIL Expert Passport is designed specifically for a single student who has completed ITIL Foundations to complete all subsequent courses and exams necessary to become an ITIL Expert.

Passport points can be used toward the following services, whether through a public or private on-site course:



Course (per event, up to 20 students) Points Retail Price
Certified ScrumMaster Course 40 $14,000
Certified Scrum Product Owner 40 $14,000







Course (per student unless noted) Points Retail Price
ITIL Foundations  3 $1395
ITIL Overview (one day, non-certification) 1 $495
ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle Courses 4 $2195
ITIL Intermediate Capability Courses 5 $2795
ITSM Simulation (per event, up to 16 students) 20 $10,000










Course (per student) Points Retail Price
PMP Exam Prep Workshop (4 days) 4 $1995
Project Management Fundamentals (2 days)  2 $995






Ready to chat with someone about which Training Passport is the best fit for you and your team? Drop us a note and we'll talk you through it. 


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