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Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management

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Beyond20 Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) System Design and Implementation


Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Management suite (PPM) is a powerful platform – it gives organizations greater visibility and control into project work, predictive management capabilities such into resource demands, and rich, interactive business intelligence and dashboard capabilities.

However, a PPM deployment can be a complex undertaking.  It is unique from other platform implementations because it is does not just track an organization’s data, it also directly touches (at times, even controls) the way the organization functions at its core.  Thus, standing up a truly useful PPM Enterprise over the long-term requires a solid design that will support your business processes, outcomes, and culture.  This is where Beyond20 can help.  With our expertise and experience, we can deploy your PPM solution in a matter of weeks not months with one of our PPM Deployment Packages. 

PPM Deployment Packages

BEYOND20’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Deployment packages are designed to foster the crawl, walk, and run approach in ramping up your PPM solution.  This approach will also create less stress inducing change within the culture, while at the same time drive user acceptance and adoption of this highly scalable and configurable platform.  Beyond20’s PPM Deployment packages are designed to help organizations get the PPM base system up and running with a basic set of features and core functionality.


Crawl      |   Walk   |      Run

PPM Project Essentials


The PPM Project Essentials package is ideal for organizations that want to utilize Project Server 2010, Project Server 2013, or Project Online to have visibility of projects and resources across the enterprise.  The PPM Project Essentials package will set up a highly capable platform and form a robust foundation for that is highly scalable as the organization grows and matures. The core components of this package include:


SharePoint is the heart of PPM 2013.   Templates and Project detail Pages will help to streamline and simplify the intake process and project initiation.  Project Sites will provide access to all project information, project document repositories, and a powerful search mechanism.  These features combine to allow users to easily share, find, and create project data.


A consistent user interface, along with the employment of various project types, schedules, and site templates, dramatically simplify and improve the project planning experience.  Project Professional comes out-of-the-box with a host of built in reports easily published to Project Sites.  With the use of Enterprise Project Types, the project planning experience can be tailored to the complexity of the project, supporting both quick, agile projects and waterfall style projects.


Together, SharePoint and Project Server work to gather all resource assignments to tasks - whether or not they are in project server.  Basic resourcing data within PPM will provide capacity and availability information and more realistic information on resource usage.


Powerful code-free reporting is achieved through standard view configuration, analysis services functions, and excel services.


PPM Project Essentials + Resource Management


The PPM Project Essentials with Resource Management allows organizations to track resource to a more granular level and view real-time resource use across projects.  Time is captured via timesheets that users can easily update as needed. In addition to the outcomes defined in the PPM Essentials, clients will receive the following:

Enterprise Time Tracking

This advanced functionality will provide resource managers, timesheet managers, and Project Managers detailed visibility into activities, scheduling, and resource availability and allocations.



PPM Project Essentials + Portfolio Analysis


The PPM Project Essentials with Portfolio Analysis provides organizations with the manage end-to-end project lifecycle governance, business prioritization, risk assessment, portfolio analysis, top-down reporting, and advanced resource and capacity planning. Components of the SharePoint reporting stack such as Excel Services, performance point services, reporting services, analysis services, and Visio data services will be configured and ready to support the business intelligence needs of your organization and the PPM enterprise.


Project server can inherently promote governed use during all project activities, through build out of workflow, enterprise project types, approvals, staging, and gating functions, thereby providing complete project lifecycle management


Business drivers and other methods of prioritization come together to enable informed portfolio decisions around which projects and programs are activated and which are not.

Assessment and Analysis

Assessments and reviews are conducted to enhance project and portfolio management processes.

Portfolio Management

Complete portfolio analysis is performed based on priority, risk, cost, and resource constraints.

Business Intelligence

Real time, top-down, essential business information is provided where and when leadership needs it.

With one of our PPM packages or a custom plan, we can ensure your PPM solution is deployed rapidly - and correctly - the first time.