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FireScope + Cherwell Integration

Leverage Automation & Self-Learning. Enhance Service Reliability & Quality. Make Your Organization Run Like a Top.

Combine the world's most scalable ITSM Platform with the world's leading enterprise-scale monitoring solution and see what can go so right:

  • Increased visibility. Go from indentification to resolution or service-impacting Incidents much more quickly with better visibility into your organization's infrastructure.
  • First-time Resolution. Let's just say it's easier for Service Management teams to resolve issues at first glance when armed with accurate and relevant system-generated information - as opposed to a user-reported issue simply stating, "My email isn't working".
  • Rapid Implementation. Reduce the workload typically required to achieve effective service visibility by automating discovery, mapping, and configuration or best practice monitoring.
  • Improved Communication. The more interfaces you use, the more often your teams have to stop what they're doing to check them. Consolidate to one interface and remove that disruption of day-to-day workflow, allowing your team to communicate effortlessly.
  • Immediate Value. Cherwell and FireScope are both offered via the Software-as-a-Service model. This means your organization will realize value in a fraction of the time it would take with the traditional software model - all without the need to invest in significant in-house resources.

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