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Self Service Portal

Cherwell's Self-Service Portal is an intuitive, highly configurable, interactive web application that offers your customers a single point of access to IT and company resources. Deliver immediate business value with collaboration tools and convenience. Dynamically auto-generate your service catalog—takes minutes instead of days—and allow customers to easily reference your service catalog on the portal. Best of all, your customers can easily perform normal self service tasks—as well as access dashboards, reports and knowledge management—without consuming a license.

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Reduce Service Desk Volume by Up to 65%

With the intuitive CSM Self-Service Portal, your customers can quickly log incidents, reset passwords, access the service catalog, and much more—freeing up IT staff to focus on more technical activities. Reduce service desk volume up to 65% by automating common service requests like password requests. Password reset appears conveniently right on the portal for easy access. Provide your customers with maximum configurability—change default url as needed. Offer convenient access to a list of key websites—recently acknowledged as a strength by Gartner. With our unique Multiple-Portal Capability, easily consolidate multiple portals into a single site and drive higher usage levels for maximum efficiency. Access more than 400 out-of-the-box knowledge articles, and add your own custom articles as necessary.

Increase Productivity—Automate Manual Business Processes

Highly configurable, flexible, and completely codeless

CSM does business the way you do business. Quickly and easily automate inefficient manual processes with the power of CSM's One-Step™ actions. Offer ultimate convenience and automated service requests—like creating an incident and registering a BYOD device—to your customers right away via the CSM Self-Service Portal.

Deliver Business Intelligence to All Users—Without Consuming a License

Perform normal self-service tasks and access business intelligence without consuming a license. No costly additional licensing. No complicated multiple-page price structure. And the CSM Portal is completely mobile; access via mobile browser anytime, anywhere. Align with the business strategy of your organization and become a true strategic partner by delivering high value, true mobility, and improved decision-making to your entire business.

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