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Cherwell Native Apps and Mobile Browser

Maximum Mobility with Anytime, Anywhere Access

Make decisions on the move with Cherwell Mobile™ using any mobile browser, native Android™ app, or native iOS app.

Choose the right app for your specific business requirements and work anytime, anywhere. With Cherwell Mobile, you can deliver actionable business intelligence and dashboards to executives and everyone else in your organization. Quickly deploy our ready-made, out-of-the-box dashboards, or easily configure your own dashboards with convenient widgets. And best of all, leverage the full power of Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) optimized for mobile users in different roles across your entire business.

Native Android App

Cherwell Mobile's new Android app offers mobile dashboards and built-in business intelligence, map view and location awareness, user-configurable mobile alerts, OnDemand Reporting™, quick search, camera-oriented features and barcode scanning. For the first time in the service management industry, the native Android application delivers unique consumerization features such as Gesture Recognition (which allows the app to instantly interpret touch gestures and other common user gestures), enhanced voice search, and Pinboards, (which permit customers to create their own pinboards and pin tasks, search results, or other items of interest). Cherwell Mobile also provides advanced integration and high performance, taking advantage of all features of the latest Android market devices.

  • The newest Cherwell Mobile application for Cherwell Service Management®
  • Mobile dashboards and built-in business intelligence, Map View and location awareness, user-configurable mobile alerts, OnDemand Reporting™, quick search, camera-oriented features and barcode scanning.

Cherwell Android App

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Native iOS App

iCherwell - the only native iOS® app designed specifically for ITSM technicians—delivers:

  • Access to CSM on all iOS devices, including any iPhone, iPad and iPad Air— with backwards-compatibility to iOS 5.0
  • Quick resolution of issues and real-time record editing from anywhere
  • Location awareness to quickly isolate any IT incident or asset (accuracy to 9 feet depending on device and environment)
  • Instant access to all custom business objects
  • Improved customer service with full data access (including record attachments) and record drilldown capabilities from anywhere

 Cherwell iphone app / IOS App

iCherwell can determine an IT technician's current location and the location of Business Object records nearby. For example: iCherwell can be used to locate all Incidents nearby, or to locate a server (Configuration Item) for an active Incident. Map View and the ability to calculate proximity make Location Awareness even more powerful.



For other popular phones and tablets such as Android, BlackBerry, and Windows, the CSM mobile browser offers the same powerful dashboards and access to records as iCherwell.

With CSM's maximum mobility, organizations are achieving business mobility goals; strategically aligning the IT function with the business; advancing organizational IT maturity; improving customer support, asset management and IT metrics; achieving high customer satisfaction scores; and improving relationships between IT and its customers.

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