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Human Resource Management


Human Resource Case ManagementCherwell HR Case Management with Beyond20

Manage HR Requests, On- and Off-Boarding Services,
 and Knowledge Management - without Leaving Cherwell.

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Our Solutions Consultants can Empower Your Cherwell System to:

  • Track interactions with employees
  • Automate repetitive HR processes to increase efficiency and let teams focus on higher-value tasks
  • Capture the critical data necessary to uncover bottlenecks, trends, and performance
  • Provide HR staff with a history of employees' communication with HR - accessible from anywhere
  • Grant employees 24/7 access to HR services - from anywhere.
  • Manage on- and off-boarding with role-based workflows, ensuring security and efficiency


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Cherwell HR Case Management


Case Management

Provide a way for employees to easily submit new requests and check the status of existing ones. Workflow automation effortlessly routes these requests to the right HR rep. The employee can see the status of their requests through the Cherwell portal along the way, ensuring they're never left wondering how things are going.


Employee On-boarding

Simplify the complex on-boarding process and make your new employee's experience a success from day one. Cherwell can automate vital activities such as benefits and payroll activation, equipment procurement and installation, and system access - all behind the scenes. 

Cherwell HR Onboarding

Cherwell HR Case Management


Knowledge Management

Create a knowledgebase that answers questions and provides solutions to problems frequently asked of the HR department. This empowers the employee to find accurate and consistent answers and increase the efficiency of HR by never having to solve the same problem twice.

Integrated Workflow Engine

Automate key HR processes to ensure SLA and policy compliance. Automation will reduce administrative tasks, improve consistency, and alert stakeholders when an incomplete task is about to violate SLA or company policy. HR teams can automate and streamline a wide range of HR processes and notifications.


Cherwell HR Automation

Cherwell HR Analytics and Reporting


Robust Reporting and Analytics

Use the abundance of useful data submitted to HR to assist in the decision-making process. HR staff and management can access this critical information through Cherwell’s dashboard and integrated reports. Cherwell’s report generator allows users to configure their reports and dashboards based on metrics that are important to their HR team.


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Cherwell PeopleSoft IntegrationCherwell Workday Integration

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