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Cherwell Licensing and Pricing

Customer Friendly Licensing

Choose your deployment model and change anytime!

Choice with respect to your financial, deployment, and user interface models is crucial. We believe an organization should be able to choose, for example, to host the application and data on-premise, yet pay for the software using a subscription model—while accessing the data using either a rich-client or a browser. True service demands choice.

Subscribe to licenses and let Cherwell provide the convenient, secure hosting - or, host on-premise or at your preferred data center. Cherwell allows for complete portability—you may change your hosting environment at any time.

Flexible and Affordable

Why pay for licenses you don't need?

Gartner estimates companies can reduce required licenses by 50-75% using concurrent versus named or dedicated licensing. With Cherwell's concurrent licensing model, team members utilize a license only while working within the application. In addition, your customers who access the self-service portal do not require a license—and neither do Cherwell administrators who manage the system or business users who simply want to view dashboards and reports.

All-inclusive for one low price

Cherwell's concurrent licensing model includes 11 ITSM processes plus any processes you create yourself. Some competitors charge by each process for each user, and even an additional fee just to have the process available—causing licensing fees to skyrocket as your organization grows and matures.

Purchase or Subscribe

Subscribe to licenses on a pay-as-you go model or take advantage of your capital budget and purchase perpetual licenses.

Questions about which pricing and deployment models would be the best fit for your organization?

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