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SLA Design


Service Level ManagementSLA Consulting with Beyond20

Our SLA design and deployment consultancy incorporates a 2-day workshop, surveys & ticket analysis, and in-depth interviews with stakeholders. Our 360-degree approach will give you foundational SLAs - tied to services - and a repeatable process your team can run with.

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Develop achievable, business-aligned Service Level Agreements

We dig deep into your services and evaluate how they're currently delivered, then we get an understanding of what your customers and stakeholders are looking for in terms of service delivery and align the two. 
The end result is an organized menu of services tied to SLAs that are achievable for IT teams, while still meeting the expectations of the business. Your team will walk away with SLAs designed around those parameters, and a repeatable process for building them out further as the need arises. Here's how we do it:


Service Catalog & SLA Workshop. This two-day workshop includes facilitated discussion with up to 12 stakeholders to assess and organize services (as needed), determine service tiers, then create a foundational SLA template that's linked to services and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs).

SLA Ticket Analysis and SurveysCustomer Surveys & Ticket Analysis. Our team will distribute online surveys (developed in the Service Catalog/SLA workshop) to relevant stakeholders throughout your organization to quickly gather information around desired service levels. We'll also analyze data from your ticketing platform to identify service trends and incorporate them into the final implementation plan.


SLA Interviews and Focus GroupsInterviews & Focus Groups.
We will conduct in-person interviews with executives from each relevant department to identify business needs unique to each area and the IT services that support them. In addition to these interviews, we'll conduct focus groups with customers representatives to ensure each contributor's perspective on the levels of service necessary to support day-to-day activities is incorporated.

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