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Service Catalog Consulting


Ah, the Service Catalog. Every organization needs one, but few have one they truly love. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Create a menu of IT services, then communicate said menu to your customers. Done! 

Sadly, the above scenario is a rare one. While most of our organizations have some semblance of a Service Catalog, it’s often a bit of mess, hasn’t been updated in a long while, or lives in a perpetual state of “almost done”. If any of this sounds painfully familiar to you – or if you fall into the camp of not having a Service Catalog at all – be not afraid! 

Our experts can help your team make significant progress on your Service Catalog within a few short days and avoid the pain of “almost done”.

Our two-day interactive Service Catalog workshop provides the guidance (and sometimes referee) all teams need to create a foundational catalog. It will be organized into lines of service, linked to Service Level Agreements, and - perhaps most importantly - easy to understand. 

The workshop (and follow-on coaching) provide a strong foundation and a repeatable system with which your team can further develop your catalog over time. It's a sure-fire way to get things moving in the right direction and dramatically cut the time it takes to get to done. It also happens to be a lot of fun (not a joke). 

With us, you'll get:

// A holistic, two-tier approach: through hands-on experiential learning, you’ll identify and define services, organize them into lines of business, and link them to your service level agreements. Our consultants meet you where you are, ensuring your team understands the why behind the process (teach a man to fish, etc.).

// Expertise you can count on: our workshops are led by our full-time, in-house, ITIL® Expert consultants. Each of them has extensive on-the-ground industry experience; they’re speakers, authors, and former CIOs. Most of them are pretty funny, too.

// A proven track record: with successful service catalog workshops delivered to organizations large and small, public and private, mature and inexperienced, our results speak for themselves, though we’d also be happy to tell you about them.

// Weekly follow-up coaching: We'll work with your team to build out your catalog, refine the content, add service details, and encourage increased IT service use. You’ll get eight hours of post-consulting (usually broken into two-hour chunks every other week), where we’ll address any issues as they arise and answer your most burning questions.

We'll make it easier than you thought possible to create a robust service catalog that delights your customers and your team.


Work with us.