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ITSM Strategic Planning

Two-Day Strategic Planning Workshop

Successful ITIL® and ITSM Projects begin with a solid strategy.

Ensuring the greatest return from tightly squeezed budgets and mitigating the risks posed by people, technology, and organizational culture requires a strategic plan. Through our 2-day strategic planning workshop, we'll help your leadership team identify short-, medium-, and long-term goals to deliver the greatest possible business value. We'll also help you prioritize those goals and generate a roadmap for tactical and operational execution - with meaningful metrics to guide you along the way.

If a new IT Service Management platform is part of your plan, we can help your team generate meaningful requirements to ensure ROI and successful implementation. 

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Day One:
 Interactive ITSM Simulation Event

This high impact, energetic event brings to life the behavioral and process issues faced by today's organizations. It's done through a realistic scenario to which participants can directly relate from personal experience. This unique learning approach inspires breakthrough understanding of ITSM and ITIL best practice and transforms learning into an engaging, highly memorable shared experience.




Day Two: Strategic Planning Session

This full-day session is designed to help participants discuss and apply concepts from the interactive ITSM simulation event. Your team will work with one of our ITIL Expert-certified facilitators with over 10 years of relevant, practical ITSM industry experience to determine next steps for bringing ITSM best practices to your organization.

The session provides participants with a guided, collaborative space to discuss ITIL and ITSM concepts, prioritize efforts, and come up with an implementation plan for solving business challenges and achieving organizational goals over the short-, medium-, and long-term.


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