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IT Service Costing

Show Your Value through IT Financial Management

As an experienced IT leader, you know the importance of having meaningful conversations with the business. The ability to define your services, know how much they truly cost, and establish appropriate chargeback models is critical to showing the business your value - and therefore, to success. It doesn't matter how hard everyone in your shop works if you can't show the output of that work in hard numbers. It's a task that can seem overwhelming. How do you find the time? Where do you even start?

We can help you with that. Our experienced consultants (we're talking former CIOs here) will help you identify the most critical services that provide value to the business. We go beyond simply adding up all the components - we dig into the full cost of the services you offer, even when they're complex or shared. Then, we determine a chargeback model tailored to your organization. Our approach concentrates on improving the areas of financial management where you will realize the highest ROI over a a short time horizon.


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Our IT Financial Management Services Include:


IT Service CostingService Costing

We help you define critical IT services and identify all the assets and resources that make the services operational. We map the costs back to the services, so you know the total cost to deliver them. We also conduct annual cost model reviews to validate service costing efforts.


IT Service ChargebacksChargeback Services

We work with you to determine and implement a tailored chargeback model. For organizations looking to implement IT billing systems, we help you select the right one, and the right vendor.


Tool SelectionTool Selection and Implementation

No single IT Financial Management tool is suited for every organization. We lead your request for proposal (RFP) efforts and help you select the appropriate tool and vendor.


service-catalog-development Service Catalog Development

We lead service catalog workshops and help you build a catalog of services to offer your business customers. This is often a complementary effort to IT Service Costing. 


Strategic Planning Strategic Planning

We guide you through the business and/or IT strategic planning process and advise with portfolio management. We focus on developing strategies and making them actionable.


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Ready to get started? Our IT Costing Guide and Templates will help you get your financial ducks in a row.

Download the IT Costing Guide and Template