ITIL/ITSM Assessments

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Winner of the People's  Choice Award for "Favorite Business to Business Service" at the 2013 American Business Awards!

Undertaking an ITIL based service management program can be a daunting proposition.  With over 25 processes in ITIL 2011, it can be difficult to know where to begin.  Worse - without a plan to demonstrate measurable and relevant business results, customer and stakeholder engagement can be short lived.

Success requires a strategic plan.  You need a clear picture of where your ITSM processes are today, where they need to be, and actionable steps to get from here to there.  Using our proprietary ITSM Launchpad methodology, BEYOND20 will deliver a fact-based, 360 degree process maturity assessment and provide an IT Service Management roadmap that aligns to your specific market, organization, and goals.  The roadmap feeds directly into your IT Strategy by providing structured, actionable, and a measurable service improvement plan for sustainable alignment to your continually changing business needs.

What you can expect:

  • A rapid and cost effective ITSM / ITIL Assessment identifying the current state, desired future state, and an actionable improvement plan
  • Identification of "quick wins" - which ITIL processes to focus on first to generate the results your customers and stakeholders want most
  • A fact-based, bespoke ITSM improvement strategy in half the time and cost of traditional consulting engagements
  • Measurable ROI for process improvements

Our Launchpad ITSM Assessment can be used as a standalone assessment service or with an ITSM simulation event as part of a program to develop ITSM strategy and build stakeholder support.